Long Announcment

I, Flowingcloud, will have the honor of making this announcement! In order for you guys to not skim the announcement, I won’t be making a table of contents. =(   Most important news first! We’re upgrading the website! clap clap clap clap Yuzuha and I both took our wallets to burden the fee for our […]

Short Announcement

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and attack helicopters, I’d like to inform you all of a short and not-so-sweet announcement. For the next few days, maybe even up to a week, there will be no website activity, which of course naturally means that there will not be any new chapters. However, it shan’t be for nothing. We’ll […]

MLW Chapter 21

Translator(s): flowingcloud    Editor(s): N/A    Proofreader(s): Merp_berk_berk    TLC: flowingcloud flowingcloud: Uh, I’m sure it won’t apply to most people, but I’m sorry for trolling y’all. I accidentally posted MLW Chapter 22 for less than a minute…… without even posting MLW 21 makes it even worst…… Yeah, I’m pretty sorry if you got a notification or […]

Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 76

Translator(s): ShimizuA,flowingcloud    Editor(s): Matty   Proofreader(s): Suya    TLC(s): flowingcloud ShimizuA: Surprise! A new chapter! I ‘m sure you all aware about the matter with novels&chill, (well, flowingcloud have also made this thread after all). For now there still no definite conclusion about it, but at least it already headed towards peaceful solution. Feel free to voice your thought here, but […]

Duke’s Daughter – Chapter 75

Translator(s): ShimizuA    Editor(s): Matty   Proofreader(s): Still Matty    TLC(s): N/A ShimizuA: I humbly present our new project, Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter! clapclap* Matty: Little Sister’s Strategy II *Ludy’s POV “…… You’ve really done it, Princess Letty.” (Ludy) “…… My, Ludy, what might you be talking about?” (Leticia) Princess Letty, Prince Alfred’s little sister, gave a cheerful grin as she asked […]

MLW Chapter 20

Translator(s): flowingcloud, DCThanatos    Editor(s): Matty   Proofreader(s): Merp, DCThanatos    TLC(s): N/A It was poisonous to monsters I led the daughter of the elves into my living room. My two daughters, “It’s Elf-san――!” “As expected, their ears are long. By the way, the earwax of southern elves is dry, and wet for northern elves.” They said and entered […]

MLW Chapter 19

Translator(s): flowingcloud, DCThanatos    Editor(s): Matty    Proofreader(s): DCThanatos    TLC(s): N/A DC: You know, after getting further into translating this story, I feel like the author has a few slight issues in the head… Flowingcloud: Back to normal chapter length~! Also, the chapter title was moved to the end of the chapter due to the author being […]